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Beaches Lakes Spiders & Snakes


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Take a look around you
Open your eyes
The earth is beautiful
But it is in demise

The death of the oceans
Mass starvation
Earth’s sterilisation

Greedy fat bankers
Creating war for profit
Corporate nations
Enslaving populations

Misguided ideals
Forced upon us day by day
Consume more and more
Someone has to pay

Distraction and lies
To hide the truth that we fear
We must act now
To free our youth from their tears

The sun is our god
Without it we die
Abolish religion
And we shall still thrive

You are the miracle
You can be the saviour
The power is ours if
We could only work together

Believe in science
Always ask questions
Master an interest
Enjoy every second

So take a look around you
While you still can
At the beaches, lakes, spiders and snakes
That if we do not act will be destroyed by man