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Antarctica – 01 – Arrived

Posted by on Dec 25, 2013

Antarctica – 01 – Arrived

Blog Update 1

Sorry it’s been a while since the last update – the interweb is really slow over the satellite connection!





I have been in Antarctica for just over 2 weeks and have now completed my training to drive snowmobiles, live in tents and how to survive in case of accidentally falling down a crevasse. Antarctica is amazing – the pictures and films I have seen are in themselves a work of art but unfortunately no replicated image can do this wilderness justice.




Ice bergs as big as small villages silently drift by, snow covered mountains raise six thousand feet from the ocean to their summit, lenticular clouds hover like spaceships over the mountain peaks, and snow drifts smudge the horizon and create waterfalls of ice from the glacial peaks to the black sea. When the sun shines the ancient ice that has been compressed for thousands of years shines an etherial sapphire blue just under the ocean surface slowly melting into the surrounding sea.




I feel inspired, invigorated and honoured to experience the visual feast before me. I have already started a couple of tracks that are inspired by this unspoilt wilderness and I now can’t wait to get out to record some sounds to create some more music… I will do my best to keep an updated blog on my recordings and endeavours but please forgive me if it is not updated regularly – there is not any cheap reliable phone service or interweb this far south!





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